Fall World Series


World Series (Best of 5)

  • GAME 1 – Black wins 1-0
  • GAME 2 – Red wins 11-1
  • GAME 3 – Red Ghosts beat Black Zombies 6-2
  • GAME 4 – Red wins 5-4, Team Red wins 2015 World Series

Pitching Rules

No pitcher may pitch more than 60 pitches in one game

  • 1-20 pitches (can pitch next day with max of 20 pitches, then must have 1 day off)
  • 21-40 pitches (must have 1 days off)
  • 41-60 pitches (must have 2 days off)

General Rules

  • All games will be 7-innings or have a time limit of 1hr 45min.
  • A max of 4 runs can be scored in any inning. No limit for final inning.
  • 8 run rule after 4 innings
  • All players on team will bat
  • If rosters are not equal for any game, the team with more absent players will take automatic outs for those players. If a player starts the game and must leave, that spot will be an automatic out for the remainder of the game.
  • All position players must play at least one inning in the field each game. POs must appear on the mound in the series at least once.